People always hold a certain level of regard towards others. They may regard highly of their mother, father, a sibling, a friend or a colleague. The reasons people be drawn to others entail a pleasant attitude, a heavenly impression, a stately spokesman, etc. Some kinds of attraction can be shallow; others enigmatic. Conversely, some relationships are bound to fail while a number of those succeed everlastingly. Whether an attraction is shallow or enigmatic, certain qualities must meet in order for a bond to level up to a more profound situation – relationship. In order for a relationship to last, both persons involved need to have a genuine interest with each other, not a shared one.

By all means, what are the qualities of genuine affection and admiration?

  1. Acceptance

People have flaws; so are relationships. People may be funny and others might be boring. Sometimes, a partner can be perky but at times cynical. No matter what the personality is, one needs to accept his/her partner unconditionally. Having different personalities allows each partner to see a different perspective and at all times complement each other in the relationship. It’s like the Yin-Yang in Chinese beliefs. One cannot keep up without the other and the bond will fall apart in the absence of one.

2. Mutual Respect

Respect comes in both ways. Not one person only. Both partners value each other and take extra care with their words in lasting relationships. Partners need to make them feel that way if they want to stay with that person each day. Also, each partner gives each other enough space for personal growth and should not cross the line.

3. Selflessness

Just like mutual respect, selflessness comes from both partners. It emanates through giving. To receive love, one must give love. Being in a relationship is not about fulfilling one’s selfish desires but achieving a common goal. If a partner cares about his own, then he must also care about his partner’s.

4. Trust

Partners have to be willing to trust each other not only with their emotions but with their weaknesses because trust brings both emotional stability and intimacy. What a wonderful feeling to have a trusting partner without being fearful or defensive! If trust is diminished, partners can still find a way to mend it as long as they are willing to work on it.

5. Honesty

Partners need to be honest with each other why they started the relationship in the first place. No hidden agenda. Nobody can deceive and conceal lies, not matter how good a person is in deceiving and concealing. When partners are honest with each other and the things that happen between them, they are very trusting and they foster a lasting relationship.

6. Kindness

Saying kind words to each other are very pleasant and help nurture the relationship. Words of encouragement and cheering are enough to make a partner happy and make the bond stronger. Unnerving words are very destructive and should be avoided if partners want to attain an everlasting relationship.

7. Commitment

Partners are committed not only to each other but to their relationship, too. Partners in a relationship have already been honest and open why they want to spend each other for a lifetime, so they must behave constructively and work on the goals they have set for each other.

8. Communication

Talking to each other is the only form of communication that is authentic and attainable. The partners can see each other’s reaction and should be available if one is experiencing difficulty whether within or outside the relationship. Two hearts grow fonder when both partners communicate and express how they feel toward each other and where they are in their goal. Communication also fosters honesty and trust between partners so it’s best to update each other consistently.

9. Growth

Partners who favor both personal and spiritual growth are happy partners. Growth is natural and essential for their happiness, freedom and even success in their careers. Without growth, their relationship becomes stagnant and partners fail to commit their goal.

10. Sacred

Partners need protect their relationship from fear and attachment. They remove pride and bring in joy and inseparability. When partners pursue genuine relationship, they bring themselves closer to God and strengthen their faith. Partners who submit themselves to God are blessed with stronger bond that is bound to last for eternity.

Photo by Subodh Bajpai from Pexels