the tale of a girl in a haunted land of civil war and slavery

This tale deals with a beautiful young girl, Amanda Mannon, who comes from a rather haunted family and becomes rather haunted herself. Surviving her morally loose mother’s murder, and her seductive handsome stepfather’s murder attempt of her, she goes to live with a wealthy great-aunt Lavinia Mannon. Because she can both see and talk and interact with the dead, she has a long-term affair with William, the ghost of long-dead Confederate officer killed at Gettysburg.

About the Author

Frank Tropea was born to a middle-class Italian family in Brockton, MA in 1949. After graduating from high school in 1967, he went into the Navy. He always loved reading and literature. Using the GI Bill, he went to college and took up a BA in Literature and Psychology. After being laid off from his job and going through some difficult years in life, he was hired by a courthouse. He also received an MA in Literature and Psychology from Harvard. He later joined Mensa and then Intertel.

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